The e-invoicing help area contains the following topics:


To start using e-invoicing, you have to login to the system through this page with your username and password.


Your username is the email address you used when registering for the e-invoicing service.


Your unique password will have been provided in your registration email. You will need to use this password at all times when accessing the service.

The password will automatically expire every 30 days and you will then be requested to enter a new password. The password must consist of six or more digits, including at least one upper, one lower case and one numeric character. You cannot use any of your previous 10 passwords.

Forgotten your password

If you have forgotten your password, you can complete the 'Forgotten your password' field and we will send a temporary password to your designated email address. If you have any problems, please contact the e-invoicing Support Team on 0800 085 1699.

Manage e-invoicing

The left hand side of this page contains the content bar which offers access to the functionality within the e-invoicing system.


The desktop shows a 'dashboard' view of the e-invoicing system. It provides a summary of new trade documents and queries (if query management is set-up as required by you) received from your trading partners as well as a list of enrolment requests received from new users.

Trading Network

This area details the trading partners who are registered and set-up to exchange trade documents with you via e-invoicing and provides a quick overview of the number of trade documents being exchanged with you.

My Profile

From this section you can change your login details and select whether you would like to receive email notifications upon exchanging trade documents with your trading partners.


This function allows you to search for specific documents sent or received within the system - for example, you can check all the invoices or purchasing orders you have sent or received. You can search by date range or from all documents.

Search criteria details:

Account Name - this is the name of the trading partner you received the documents from or sent the documents to.
Doc ref - this is the reference number of the documents sent or received.
Unread - this allows you to search for documents which have not yet been viewed or actioned.
Type - this is the document type, such as invoice or purchase order.
Status - this indicates the document status as 'Live' or 'Test'.
Date From and Date To - this allows you to specify the date range for the search.


This section contains sample documents which have been received from your trading partners via ebPrinter. These documents are set-up by the e-invoicing Support Team. If you have any questions, please contact the e-invoicing Support Team on 0800 085 1699.

Add Documents

This section allows you to upload and send documents to your trading partners.

File Upload

You can upload and send multiple documents in a text file in CSV format.


You can submit documents to your trading partners by completing the online form. This functionality allows you to review documents prior to submitting them.

Sending Options

There are a number of options available for sending documents. You can select and use the sending options from this screen or download the ebPrinter software.


This area allows you to generate reports on system activity.


This report allows you to view documents sent and received within a selected date range.


This report allows you to view actions that have taken place on the system. This can be as a result of user action or automatic processing.


Company Settings

This section allows you to change the set-up of your organisation held on the system. You can add, amend or delete in the following categories:

Entity Groups

This is the highest level of categorisation of your organisation held within the system - usually the parent company (Public Limited Company (PLC) or Limited entity).

Legal Entities

This is the next level of categorisation under Entity Groups. In terms of a PLC, this refers to the various subsidiaries beneath the PLC.

Company Accounts

This is the next sub-group under Legal Entities, such as finance department, schools or head office.

TNC Accounts

TNC Accounts are your trading partners that are linked to your e-invoicing service. This option allows you to review, amend, delete or register new trading partners within your e-invoicing network.

TNC Account Identifiers

This field is populated when users of the service send or receive documents using ebPrinter. This field will be populated by the RBS e-invoicing Support Team during set-up. If you have questions regarding this part of the system please contact the e-invoicing Support Team.

TNC Bulk Upload

This section allows you to upload multiple trading partners into the system. This section should be used during initial set-up. Files need to be in CSV format.

Manage Users
Entity Users

This section allows designated system administrators to add, amend or delete system users. The system administrators can also extend or limit users' access to certain functionality.

TNC Users

This allows the system administrator to register new and amend or delete existing trading partners on the system. Once a new TNC is added, the trading partner will receive an automated registration email.

Manage Enrolments

This section contains information on all trading partner enrolment requests received from TNCs. You can accept or reject these registration requests. Once registered, TNCs can start submitting electronic documents immediately.

Glossary of Terms

CSV - Comma Separated Value, a file format which can be fed directly into the service when sending multiple trade documents.
Documents / Trading documents Invoices or purchase orders.
ebPrinter - a software within e-invoicing which allows users to print document batches directly to the hub from their own local accounting systems.
e-invoicing - Electronic invoicing.
e-invoicing network - an environment containing all registered Group Entities and their TNCs. Any TNC can send and receive documents from any connected Group Entities but not between other trading partners of TNCs
File (in the context of File upload) - one or more documents
Hub - a web-based system where trade documents are viewed, created and submitted via e-invoicing
TNC - Trading Network Company, a company or Sole Trader that has been enrolled on to the e-invoicing service to send or receive trade documents
Trading Partner - can be defined as a supplier or a company that receives services

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If you need further information or have any queries, please contact the e-invoicing Support Team on 0800 085 1699 or

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